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We seek highly motivated students and postdocs with an interest in genetics, biochemistry, genomics, development, and systems biology. We also welcome those with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, and physics who are interested in applying their expertise to biological systems.

We strive to create a diverse and civilized working environment where lab members operate with a generous spirit, discussing their newest findings and sharing ideas and expertise with one another. These characteristics, together with a strong desire to tackle big problems and make important contributions, are among the key factors in determining whether to accept someone into the lab.

                                   Thank you to Andrew Volk for this image.

Graduate students

Graduate students generally enter the lab via one of the academic units of Northwestern (for example DGP). If you apply and are selected for a campus visit, please let us know if you are particularly interested in our work. We would be happy to try to coordinate your visit with Marc’s schedule.

If you are a current Northwestern student interested in rotating, please email Marc.

Post-doctoral Candidates

Interested post-doctoral candidates should inquire by sending an email to Marc. Please also arrange to have a cover letter, your CV, and three letters of reference (email is preferred) sent to Kyle Metz.

Undergraduates and others

Undergraduates and others who are interested in working in the lab should contact Marc with a CV and summary of research interests. Information about proposals and deadlines for undergraduate research funding opportunities is available from the Northwestern Office of Undergraduate Research. Ideally we expect a long-term commitment to a research project, typically two academic years and a summer. 


**Please note: if you don’t hear back from us it is likely because we haven’t received a reference letter (advisor’s letters are particularly important). Every now and then someone is traveling or something else falls through the cracks. If you haven’t heard back from us within two weeks of your letters being sent, please contact Kyle Metz directly.